Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A quick reminiscent on Italy

Just a post that I feel is definitely necessary, since I have been in Italy for 6 months now I wanted to express my gratitude to the people I have met, and in general how good Italy has been to me. I feel as though Italy has helped shape me for the future and helped me on my journey to becoming a T0T@LLY famous fashion designer rock star chicky babe. 

I can honestly say that I’ve really been looked after here. I have a boyfriend who from day one took me under his wing, showed me Milan, showed me Italy and brought me into his world. I have a housemate who doesn’t speak any English, and only recently have we been able to communicate with more words and less flapping around, when I am lucky he cooks for me but is generally just a really nice guy.  I have all my erasmus friends who immediately upon arrival related with one another in this whole 'fish out of water’ situation (more so when we all initially arrived), and always had each others backs when things got confusing and were faced with difficulties. The people I have met here have all helped to shape my adventure in a positive way I am so grateful for, and of course all those guys who have been patient with me speaking terrible, terrible and SLOW Italian, heh thanks heaps.
So I guess I will just leave you all with this less-than-classy picture of me holding a beer at a Danish festival
Thnx 4 da tymes guiz

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